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Headless Hollow
This prototype Instrument is my own personal (and rather out-dated) guitar...
This is actually the first of the TK hollow body models.
The headless design, makes for an excellently balanced compact instrument that is very road tough. (believe me, it's been dropped several times, with out any harm)

This guitar features 29 stainless steel fret rods a prototype hand intonated Carbon fiber -wood Piezo bridge, Steinberger tuners, and a Roland GK-2A pickup...

I would eventually like to replace the bridge with an RMC pickup system, and do away with the bulky GK-2A.
This instrument would also be perfect with a Steinberger tremolo system installed. or an ABM headless system would really be nice as well...
Please Note
This instrument is no longer available.
 Please see the Custom Shop for a full list of currently available options and standard features.