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The TK 9 String Hollow body guitar, was built in 1999. for guitarist Kenny Kidd.
This instrument probably ranks #1 on my list of  most complicated custom instruments that I ever built.

The instrument was wired in stereo (later modified to MIDI), so that the Bass section runs to a separate output source, from the Guitar section.
Using finger-style or tapping techniques, the "dual output section" allows you to play clean Bass lines into one amp, while simultaneously playing overdriven (and now Midi) Guitar solos into another amp.
This gives the impression that the player is actually playing two instruments at once.

Please Note
This instrument is no longer available.
 Please see the Custom Shop for a full list of currently available options and standard features.

This is a (rather bad) photo scan of the second 9 string I built.
This instrument was designed to be tuned in all 4ths
Note the chopped 6 string tremolo and 3 string set bridge
I have built three 9 strings total (see the 1st below).

If you are wanting a wider melodic range from your 6 string guitar,
(close to the range of an 8 string!) then you should definitely

Here's the only known photo of the very first 9 string I built (around 1992).
Again, this instrument was designed to be tuned in all 4ths
 This is Kenny Kidd playing the first 9 string.
(Kenny later on became  the master of the 9 string!)