Locking Tuner FAQ
Sperzel tuners

Here are some answers to some common Sperzel questions:

Q: Did you build all the instruments on your locking tuner page?
A: Yes... and for more information on my instruments: Please be sure look over the entire site to view more information on all my custom built instruments..

Q:  I recently lost a part off of my tuners... Do you sell replacement parts for HipShots  and Sperzels as well?
A: unfortunately I do not stock tuner parts, you might want to contact Sperzel directly: sperzel@sperzel.com
Or HipShot: hipshot@hipshotproducts.com

Q: Can I order just one set of Buttons from you?
A: Because all my Sperzel orders are drop-shipped directly to my customers from the Sperzel factory, I can only accept minimum orders of $50, so unfortunately 1 set of buttons will not meet the minimum order.

Q: Will Sperzels and or HipShots fit on my headstock?
A: I get asked this all the time, and yet there are so many headstock types and tuning key hole types that there  is just no way for me to know the answer to this question, so I highly suggest carefully reading over my Sperzel Specifications page or HipShot to determine this information for yourself.

Q:  How do I order multiple sets of different colored Sperzels?
A: To order multiple sets of different colored or different models of Sperzels, you will need to fill out multiple order forms (one per set of Sperzels)

Q: My guitar still wont stay in tune after I had the tuners professionally installed.
A: Always make sure you also install a high quality Carbon fiber  or Roller type nut.
I recommend Graphtech nuts and saddles, for keeping your instrument in perfect tune.

Q: Why is your Locking Tuner page so complicated?
A: I'm so sorry about this, but there are just so many possible combinations out there that I needed to design a web page that would serve every possible set-up that might be needed.

Q: I just want a simple 6-in-line set... So do I have to use the "Order Form"?
A: In order to make absolutely sure that your order is processed correctly you must use the order form  for all orders.

Q: I don't live in the U.S.A. but I REALLY want to order some tuners, is there ANY WAY I can get some sent to me in my country?
A: Unfortunately Sperzel and HipShot will not drop-ship out side the U.S.A.
However, -IF- you happen to have any friends living in the U.S.A., then  I can have Sperzel or HipShot drop-ship your order to your  friend's U.S.A. address, and then your friend could ship the tuners over to your country.
Unfortunately this is the ONLY way I can ship tuners at this time...

Q: Are there other models of Sperzel tuning keys and or Sperzel Button styles available that are not listed on your Sperzel page?
A: occasionally there are new Sperzel products available that I may not yet know of, if you have found anything please contact me for pricing information.
Also: Please be aware that because I have not yet examined these new Sperzel  products;  I will not be able to give you any additional information, other that what you may already know.
I am only able to give specifications on the Sperzel  products that are seen on my site.